Dentist Noor-Allah takes his own patient advice

ws_manji-noor-allah01_400Noor-Allah is a well respected dentist. Proving the old adage that doctors are their own worst patients, his teeth were chipping and he had old crowns that were leaking, so he was experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. Some of this discomfort was also related to poor alignment of his jaw. Using Neuromuscular principles, our general dentists found the ideal jaw position for him and then restored his teeth with porcelain crowns.

As a dentist Noor-Allah understands the value of a good bite, sealed restorations and an aesthetically appealing smile. His treatment was rendered four years ago now. Not only does he know first-hand the benefit of having his mouth treated holistically, with a view to his complete mouth and jaw health and comfort, he is also able to show his own smile when explaining the value of such treatment to his patients.

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