Dental Hygiene

We depend on our mouth, teeth, lips and facial comfort for so much that we enjoy in life – the ability to speak, smile, kiss, taste, chew and swallow.

Excellent dental hygiene is the primary way to maintain dental health and to prevent dental problems from developing. It also has a significant impact on maintenance of overall general health. Poor dental health has been associated with a number of general health conditions including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
Our hygienists are trained not only to provide excellent dental hygiene care but also to custom tailor your hygiene needs based on your unique situation and to develop maintenance programs to fit your needs.

Our technology and training allows us to use Dental Lasers to reverse years of certain types of damage that, in the past, could only be repaired through extensive surgery. Healing takes just a few days, unlike traditional gum surgery, which often takes months to heal.

See the video below for an overview of the procedure we use to treat gum disease with a Dental Laser.

Below you can hear Whoopie Goldberg talk about Gum Disease and how it can affect your health.

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