Crowns are used to restore a single damaged tooth, while bridges are used to replace one or more teeth. Crowns and bridges restore both form and function to your teeth. Millennium Smile is one of a small number of dental practices in Calgary that has its own, in-house, ceramics lab, so we are able to respond quickly to accommodate you.
Crowns are necessary when a tooth is damaged to the point where it can no longer hold a filling or if it has had a root canal. If your tooth is decayed, cracked, or in danger of cracking, a crown may be the best solution.

A crown looks and functions very similar to a natural tooth. It would be custom fitted to the contours of your tooth, cover the tooth completely, fit onto the gum and protect your tooth from further damage. They can be made of gold, porcelain, zirconia or a combination of materials depending on your needs.

Crowns strengthen and protect your tooth, and can improve the appearance of your smile as well.

See the video below for more information about Dental Crowns.

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