General Dentistry

How Do We Do It?

Our goal at Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental, is to provide you excellent service and care in an individualized treatment environment.

We focus on you as a whole person, as we try to understand your needs and wants.  This allows us to provide you with treatment options suited to you as a whole, not just your mouth.

General Dentistry

Can porcelain veneers cover up the gaps in my smile?

Yes! Porcelain veneers and crowns are specifically designed to cover gaps, chips, permanent stains, misshapen teeth and washed out fillings.

What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

Both crowns and bridges are referred to as reconstructive or restorative dentistry. They are used to return your teeth to their desired look and stability. A crown is used when a single tooth is damaged. A bridge is used when more than one tooth is missing. Crowns and bridges both add stability to the surrounding teeth and can give your smile a more beautiful look.

I’ve always been afraid of the dentist. How can I feel more comfortable?

Our general dentists are trained in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry techniques that can make your procedure more comfortable. By working efficiently and using a variety of technologies including dental lasers, they are able to be very conservative in your treatment, which can allow you to heal more quickly.

Sedation Dentistry by Millennium Smile - Crowfoot Dental can offer our patients a more pleasant visit to the dentist. Utilizing protocols for Concious Sedation, as well as comfort enhancing amenities and pain management technology, we are able to provide an anxiety-reduced experience to our patients.

Ask us at Millennium Smile what we will do to make you feel more comfortable.


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