Aesthetic Dentistry

How Do We Do It?

Our goal at Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental, is to provide you excellent service and care in an individualized treatment environment.

We focus on you as a whole person, as we try to understand your needs and wants.  This allows us to provide you with treatment options suited to you as a whole, not just your mouth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

How will a new smile change my life?

It is not uncommon for patients to cry with joy, hug their dentist, or even kiss them! Patients tell us they are filled with self-confidence, they feel more outgoing, and they simply can’t stop smiling!

Shy patients are often transformed into social butterflies. Professionals tell us of greater career success. Older patients look and feel decades younger. Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Think about how a new or improved smile would change your life…

The only thing wrong with my smile is my yellow teeth. What can I do?

We offer several different teeth whitening options, including bleaching, crowns and veneers. To determine which option is best suited for your needs, we recommend you contact Millennium Smile - Crowfoot Dental to schedule a consultation.

How will my temporaries look?

Often, the difference is so dramatic that you’ll feel like your new smile is already complete. However, temporaries are just that – temporary. They are not meant to replace natural teeth.

How quickly will I be able to complete my aesthetic dentistry treatment?

Many aesthetic procedures, from simple bonding to a complete smile makeover, can be completed in as little as one to three visits (but may vary depending on the complexity of each case). Our doctors are trained to work efficiently, keeping you in the office as little as possible.

Some of our patients have been able to complete a smile makeover in less than one month. Soon you’ll be smiling with confidence!

I want to have my cosmetics changed. Will this look natural?

While every case is unique, our techniques help create a very natural appearing smile. A style for your smile will be determined, taking into account your lifestyle, facial proportions, gender, age, complexion, hair and even eye colour. Aesthetic dentistry, performed by general dentists, not only helps to improve look of your smile, while maintaining a natural appearance, we also focus on the function of the new restorations with the goal of creating long lasting restorations.

How do I know if aesthetic dentistry is right for me?

First, take a look at your smile. Look at the cosmetics. If you don’t like what you see (discoloration, crooked or missing teeth, etc.), then we recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our general dentists at Millennium Smile. We can discuss your options so you can make an informed decision about aesthetic dentistry and whether it is something you want to pursue.

How long will my new smile last?

Today’s materials are actually stronger than natural teeth, and are far more resistant to wearing and breakage than previous technologies. With regular checkups and care, your smile can last for many years.

What is aesthetic dentistry?

The term aesthetic dentistry refers to procedures used to improve your smile by a general dentist. This includes porcelain veneers, bridges and crowns, teeth whitening, bonding and white fillings. The focus of aesthetic dentistry is to restore not only the form of the tooth, but also the function. We feel cosmetic improvements alone are not ideal unless they are supported by strong functional engineering. This harmony of form and function is the basis of aesthetic dentistry, with the goal of creating long lasting, beautiful restorations.

Some of our patients have been able to complete a smile makeover in less than one month.  Soon you’ll be smiling with confidence!

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