Smile Rejuvenation

In our experience as general dentists, people have many different issues with their smiles, but the reasons for changing them are pretty much the same for everyone. We all want to look better, create a more comfortable bite for better functionality, and slow down the effects of aging.

Smile rejuvenation can improve many aspects of your appearance. As your teeth age and wear, the space between your upper and lower jaw closes and your chin moves closer to your nose. As a result the lower third of your face changes shape – it compresses and appears to sink inwards.

Today, neuromuscular dentistry and smile rejuvenation appears to slow and sometimes even reverse the visual appearance of aging. We can often create a more youthful appearance to your face with subtle changes to the lengths and shapes of teeth as well as teaching you the “youthful” way to smile .

With porcelain veneers and crowns, you have a significant amount of control over the smile design process which allows us to alter the shape, size, colour, and appearance of your teeth based on your specific desires. Functionality is our first priority in this work; we absolutely will not do work that will not last and ultimately improve the health of your teeth.

Think about your ideal smile, a smile that is truly yours, a smile which is designed and contoured to suit your face, your personality and desires. If you want teeth that are as white, radiant, natural-looking and straight as possible, porcelain veneers and crowns may be the ultimate solution.

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