Sedation Dentistry


Sedation dentistry by Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental is making comfortable dental treatment a reality for our patients. Dental anxiety is a serious obstacle for millions of people. Often times, dental fear and anxiety keep people from seeking the dental care they desperately need. We understand your anxiety and want to help!By using sedation dentistry in conjunction with comfort-enhancing amenities and pain management technology, we can offer our patients something they may not have experienced ever before – a pleasant visit to the dentist!

See the video below for more information about Sedation Dentistry.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation, or Sedation Dentistry, involves taking a small amount of mediation that induces a state of profound relaxation. This medication helps to reduce your anxiety during your dental visit. Because you are still conscious (awake), you are still able to ask and respond to questions or directions from your dentist. It also produces an amnesiac effect so you’ll remember very little about your treatment, and leave without unpleasant memories!

Oral conscious sedation is very safe. Our dentists have the advanced training required by the Alberta Dental Association and College to be able to administer this type of sedation in a safe and comfortable environment.  To increase the margin of safety, we use specialized equipment to monitor our patients’ vital signs throughout the sedation visit.

This is an excellent solution for patients with anxieties about a visit to the dentist, or for those who are requiring move involved dental treatment. Sedation dentistry can help these patients restore their teeth more quickly, and in less visits!

Comfort Management

At Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental, we take pain management very seriously. During your treatment, we use highly effective, custom-blended topical numbing gels.  We want your visit to our office to be a pleasant experience every time. So during your treatment, your comfort will be enhanced by such amenities as custom neck support, blankets, televisions with headphones, and relaxing music to enjoy. Having a healthy, beautiful smile has never been so enjoyable or easy!

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