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About Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental

When you come to visit us at Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental, you’ll find yourself immediately made comfortable in a warm and friendly environment.

You can relax with us, secure in the knowledge that our team has the an excellent level of training, and that we use modern techniques and equipment to accomplish our goals.

As general dentists, our core practice is Comprehensive Aesthetic Dentistry, which is an approach that considers all your dental needs as we plan and manage the long-term, individualized dental care of our clients. You should also know that as general dentists, we focus on aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive care, and that you can also rely on us for emergency dental care.

At Millennium Smile we emphasize prevention and encourage each patient to follow a customized, proactive program of dental health and regular maintenance.



If you’re looking for aesthetic dentistry services to enhance your smile, Millennium Smile offers many benefits, from teeth whitening to natural-looking esthetics. We can alter the shape, size, colour, and appearance of your teeth with little or no discomfort. Functionality is our first priority in this work, although we also incorporate cosmetic dentistry; we absolutely will not do work that we feel will not last and ultimately improve the health of your teeth.

As general dentists, we have a broad focus is on reconstructive dental procedures that restore and rebuild the patients bite, teeth, facial harmony and create the symmetry that results in a beautiful smile – including orthodontics, root canals, gum treatment, crowns and bridgework, porcelain inlays/onlays, and implant restorations.  When necessary, we work closely with specialists in other offices to deliver the most appropriate care for your situation.

We will always address questions or concerns thoroughly with you, and all options and costs will be discussed beforehand.

We value your time and patronage, therefore we promise to complete your care in as few visits as possible. Call us soon – we look forward to your visit.

Comfortable Environment

Comfortable Environment

Gentle, caring, comfortable treatment in a friendly environment is one of the foundation blocks on which our practice is built.
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We have invested in the very best equipment so we can deliver the highest standards of affordable dental care to you.

#210, 20 Crowfoot Cres NW
Calgary, AB T3G 2P6

Mon + Tues 7am - 7pm
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One Saturday per month