Our Smile Gallery

“The best kind of dentistry is when you do the right thing the first time, and it lasts.”

Here are some examples of ‘Who Is Smiling Now’ following treatment that we are proud and happy to provide at Millennium Smile – Crowfoot Dental, in NW Calgary.

Aesthetic Dentistry Smile

Jordy’s new Smile
Jordy had very small, worn teeth that needed to be lengthened to suit with his existing bite. This was a challenge since we had very little room to work with… Read More

Yana’s beautiful Smile.
Yana had her treatment performed by another dentist and she was not happy with the aesthetic outcome. She felt that her teeth looked unnatural… Read More

Anne’s smile suits her now.
Anne was looking younger than her teeth so she sought us out to rejuvenate her smile. The end result suits her so very much. Anne is a…Read More…

Karen came to us from Nova Scotia.
Karen lives in Nova Scotia. She had her treatment completed by a specialist in Toronto and was not happy with the outcome. The aesthetics were not what… Read More

Wendy values her rejuvenated Smile.
Wendy came to Millennium Smile to have a smile rejuvenation to improve the look of her teeth which had gaps, were rotated and mis-shaped… Read More

Neuromuscular & Full Mouth Restoration

Darlene enjoys eating again!
Darlene had issues not only with her teeth, but also her jaws. As a result she was experiencing constant pain and discomfort… Read More

Dentist Noor-Allah takes his own patient advice.
Noor-Allah is a well respected dentist. Proving the old adage that doctors are their own worst patients, his teeth were chipping and he had old crowns… Read More

Doug sees high value in the results achieved.
Doug was experiencing so much pain in the musculature around his head and neck that he went all the way to the Mayo clinic in the USA. They had proposed surgery… Read More

Jorge is happy and smiling.
Jorge had consultations with a few dentists (including a dental specialist) before he came to Millennium Smile. As general dentists we were able to apply… Read More

Kathy feels like a new person.
Kathy was working with another dentist but found that her many symptoms were persisting. She came to Millennium Smile and, as general dentists, we were to apply… Read More

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