Root Canals

Root canals treatment involved cleaning out infected or diseased nerve tissue from a tooth. In some cases, root canals can save teeth which otherwise would need to be extracted and replaced with more expensive options.

See the video below for more information regarding Root Canals.

Some common reasons for a tooth needing a root canal are deep, untreated cavities or traumatic injuries to teeth. Symptoms can include high sensitivity to hot or cold, pain when biting, or even facial swelling.

After root canals, porcelain crowns are placed over the tooth protect the remaining tooth structure and help avoid fracture, as teeth which are root canal treated have a very high fracture potential without a crown.

Thanks to the very effective anaesthetic solutions, root canals are no longer the traumatic procedures they were once believed to be. Most root canals performed in our office are uneventful, and besides the initial pinch from the freezing, there is little to no pain during the procedure.

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