How quickly will I be able to complete my aesthetic dentistry treatment?

Many aesthetic procedures, from simple bonding to a complete smile makeover, can be completed in as little as one to three visits (but may vary depending on the complexity of each case). Our doctors are trained to work efficiently, keeping you in the office as little as possible. Some of our patients have been able to complete a smile makeover in less than one month. Soon[...]

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I want to have my cosmetics changed. Will this look natural?

While every case is unique, our techniques help create a very natural appearing smile. A style for your smile will be determined, taking into account your lifestyle, facial proportions, gender, age, complexion, hair and even eye colour. Aesthetic dentistry, performed by general dentists, not only helps to improve look of your smile, while maintaining a natural appearance, we also focus on the function of the[...]

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How do I know if aesthetic dentistry is right for me?

First, take a look at your smile. Look at the cosmetics. If you don’t like what you see (discoloration, crooked or missing teeth, etc.), then we recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our general dentists at Millennium Smile. We can discuss your options so you can make an informed decision about aesthetic dentistry and whether it is something you want to pursue.

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